Transition your ATM Service with Confidence

If you manage an ATM, you know how daunting and scary the conversion process can be between the new and old providers. You are left wondering how long it will take to convert the machine(s) and the impact the downtime will have on your organization.

No matter the industry, ensuring customers are happy is the key to success. However, unpredictable downtime and inaccessibility to cash becomes inconvenient and can affect customer satisfaction.

Additionally, on top of stressing about the downtime, ATM operators also have to work directly with the local armored branches and cash vaults to ensure they’re aware of the transition. Not only does this pull valuable time away from the other business priorities, it also causes frustration as the response time can be slow and delay the conversion – especially if multiple cash logistic carriers are involved.

Unfortunately, many financial institutions (FI) and Independent ATM Deployers (IADs) put up with these challenges to avoid the burden and anxiety of changing providers.

Partner with an ATM Operations Team

With the availability of outsourced ATM management, ATM operators no longer have to stay with a service provider they’re unhappy with due to the stress of conversions. By partnering with an experienced cash logistics company, FI’s and IAD’s can outsource the entire conversion process for an easy transition.

However, not all cash management providers are created equally. Be sure to look for the key features below when searching for a provider to outsource the management and transition of an ATM(s).

Create a seamless ATM transition with a cash management provider who will:

1. Manage the entire conversion and onboarding process

Converting ATMs not only affects the machine itself, the conversion also relies on the local armored branch and cash vault facility to understand their role and continue to efficiently service the ATM. So, when selecting a cash logistics company organizations should ask if they have a specialized ATM Operations Team.

This group of specialists should coordinate all of the details between the branch and cash vault, and should also be onsite or in the truck during the ATM conversion process. The specialist or team onsite is responsible for providing real-time updates of the machines that have been successfully converted—keeping the customer updated on any issues that may have come up.

Additionally, for customers planning large-scale conversions, check to see if the cash logistics company has a project management team. While the ATM Operations team handles the details with the branches and is experienced in the technical aspect of the machines, having a team dedicated to planning the entire project takes the stress off the customer and lets the ATM team focus on their duties.

2. Employ a well-trained team of professionals

While ensuring the cash logistics provider has an ATM Operations team, it is equally important to make sure the team is well-trained. With so many different models of ATMs—including cash dispensing only to Interactive Teller Machines (ITMs)—it’s critical the specialists are familiar with the technology. It’s an added bonus if the team members have strong backgrounds in cash management; sometimes previously serving as driver guards or ATM techs.

Along with ensuring the operations team is knowledgeable, check to see if they manage the training of the ATM hoppers from the armored branches. Not only does the operations team remove the burden from the ATM owners, the operations team can make sure the armored employee fully understands the ins and outs of the converted machine.

Lastly, ask the cash logistics provider if they require annual re-certification of their employees. This will prevent any businesses or organizations from experiencing a disruption to their service if the provider’s employees remain up-to-date on the latest machines and processes.

3. Provide dedicated customer support

There is nothing more frustrating than calling a support line only to have to navigate a complicated automated system or not even reach anyone. While the management of the conversion is critical, it is also important to have a relationship with the cash logistics provider.

Be sure to ask if the new provider has a dedicated support team, specifically for financial services. This team should be available to assist with any questions or concerns immediately, especially since many financial inquiries are time sensitive.

While the organization should have a relationship with the ATM operations team for onboarding and technical questions, having a relationship with financial client service representatives ensure there is always someone to contact even after the conversion is complete.

The Big Picture

Using the criteria above when selecting a cash logistic provider will help to ensure a smooth transition when converting and managing ATMs. When customers collaborate with providers that use specialized and dedicated teams for ATM Operations, Client Services and Project Management, this ensures every step of the conversion is handled with the appropriate expertise.

Customers that outsource their ATM service also experience:

Time and Labor Savings

The experts on the ATM operations team handles the conversion process and training for all critical personnel—saving critical time for FIs and IADs. The operations team oversees the project ensuring machines are updated timely, and guarantees the hoppers are properly trained and familiar with the new process before starting service.

Greater Communication

Always having someone to contact takes the stress out of tracking someone down for help. FI’s will always have someone to contact for support—either the ATM operations team before and during the conversion, and the client services team for inquiries after the conversion. Also, in some cases of larger conversion, cash logistic providers offer the support from a project management team. This specific team coordinates weekly conference calls to ensure the customer is always aware of the conversion status.

Visibility through Online Dashboards

After the conversion, customers will have access to detailed reports in a centralized online portal. Through the dashboards, ATM owners can keep track of all ATMs on their network remotely and also monitor cash order preparation, ATM replenishment and settlement, deposit verification and residual cash.

Emergency Orders Online

Previously FIs and IADs would have to contact their central station for emergency machine replenishment. Through the online portal, customers can submit an emergency order online and receive a confirmation when the order has been accepted and completed. Plus, having access to the order data enables businesses to evaluate the use of their machine and determine if it needs to increase service days.

Peace of Mind

Knowing the conversion is taken care of eliminates the stress and allows FIs and IADs to reallocate time back into focusing on business operations. This also enables ATM owners the freedom to change their service if they are no longer satisfied.

Making the change to a different ATM service doesn’t have to be scary. The biggest concern for banks, credit unions and IADs should be ensuring business operations are running smoothly – not managing their ATMs. Outsourcing ATM service to an expert team guarantees customers are taken care of and gives the organization peace of mind since they’re leaving the work up to a team that knows what they’re doing for a simple and seamless conversion.


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