What Can a Smart Safe Do for Your Retail Establishment

With the holiday season quickly approaching, retailers and restaurants are gearing up for an increase in customer traffic and cash flow. Business owners are hiring seasonal staff and preparing inventory to ensure they are able to provide their customers with the best shopping experience.

However, retailers are all too familiar with the challenges that come with accepting cash as a form of payment and the extra holiday preparation. The fast-paced environment can lead to poor cash handling procedures and with limited time and resources, retailers become more susceptible to losing profits, exposure to human error or theft.

Fortunately, to address these challenges, smart safes were developed to streamline and simplify the cash management process. Pairing well-trained employees with automated cash handling solutions allows previously occupied resources to focus on what’s important: serving your customers and running your business.

Smart safes automate the entire process by validating deposited funds directly at the point of sale. Then, the safes secure the funds until an armored carrier securely transports they money directly to the retailer’s bank. The wireless connection communicates all safe data to provide owners 24/7 visibility through interactive dashboards. Continue reading for additional benefits below:


Increase Productivity + Reduce Labor Time
       Eliminate deposit preparation time
       Expedite end-of-shift check out
       Reallocate essential employees to concentrate on business operations

Improve Loss Prevention
       Automate tasks typically susceptible to human intervention
       Minimize risk of internal and external theft
       Reduce cash exposure in store
       Require identification numbers to increase accountability before depositing funds

Eliminate Employee Trips to the Bank
       Save time and mitigate risk of theft during dangerous trips to and from the bank
       Armored teams service the safe to remove the deposits and securely transport to a Cash Vault or retailer’s bank of choice

Validate Deposits Instantly
       Eliminate the risk of accepting counterfeits directly at the point of sale
       Automatically secure all deposited funds within the safe

Access to Daily Credit
       Facilitate advanced credit for deposited funds through wireless communications between the safe and retailer’s financial institution

Increased Cash Visibility
       View real-time reports of all safe activity
       Access reports remotely through online portals
       Manage and track deposits 24/7

These solutions enable retailers and restaurants to provide quality service to their customers without having to compromise the safety and protection of their cash. Dunbar’s Cash Manager Safes have proven to streamline the cash handling process. Our simple setup allows for a fast resolution to common cash handling challenges.

Learn more about Dunbar’s Cash Management solutions and Request an Assessment today.